Communicating clearly

Treten’s existing web presence and online platform did not clearly communicate their unique value proposition or provide a clear and easy path from course discovery to enrollment.

I worked on revamping the web platform to make it easier for users to find and enroll for courses. The redesign also included dashboards for students, tutors and admins to manage their respective workflows effortlessly.

The existing user interface

Finding alignment

Alignment with project stakeholders provided focus on the key areas of improvements, success criteria and additional features for the platform.

I created personas to represent the three user categories (students, tutors and admins) which served as basis for new user flows.

Initial wireframes
Visual design showing landing page and blog

Convenience and consistency

It was important for students to be able to enroll for courses conveniently. The design of the enrollment flow utilizes a single screen where students can select their mode of training, register or log in (if they are not already logged in) and make payment.

Course overview and enrollment

Tutor profile on courses gives students confidence that they are being trained by industry and subject-matter experts. I relied on the existing brand colors for the redesign (with slight adjustments) but picked out a new typeface that better matched the brand. I ensured design consistency across the platform with the help of a design system.

Courses and tutor profile
Student dashboard – home, profile and course view